Would you like to lend your talents and passion to the 250th anniversary of Charlottesville? Volunteers are needed to work at events in 2012, provide guidance to our steering committee, and help get out the word. If you are interested in helping, call Ric Barrick at 970-3129, send us an email at celebrate250@gmail.com

Other ways to support Celebrate250:
In 2012, our community will be proudly celebrating our 250th anniversary. Citizens are now busily planning for this year-long series of events and partnerships. A history festival, music festival and celebration gala are planned along with numerous story-telling projects that will educate, inform, and inspire throughout the year. Celebrate 250 will bring business and positive attention to town as we welcome this milestone event. The City of Charlottesville has donated $75,000 in seed money for this important initiative but community support is vital to making sure we are successful. The city and the Steering Committee are now looking for business and personal sponsors who can use this unique opportunity to show their commitment to our community through their financial support or by donating their talents to our anniversary. If you are a business interested in partnering with us, please call Ric Barrick at 970-3129 for more details on this tax-deductible opportunity.